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2.6m pram

Boat for a child that is suitable for learning to sail,

or just for fun. Some adults have also sailed her.


LOA   2.60 m

Beam   1.30 m

Draft   0.075 m

Draft (db down)   0.53 m

Hull weight   40 kg

Sail area   4.5 sq m

Building plans


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Ruslan's boat - Ukraine.


When Andreas Reisinger

decided to build his third

homemade boat, he

stumbled upon plans to

the pram. Andreas has also

made a bike trailer to

transport the boat to the

nearest water - Austria.


Another boat from Poland

ferreted out on the Internet.


Vitalik's boat on the river

Dniester - Ukraine.


Winfried's young sons caught

him studying the plans some

months ago... and now their

mission got accomplished -



The boat built in Germany by

Michael and his son.


Fabiano Jacob of Brazil

intends to teach children to

build the pram.


Daniel Mayo-Smith

convinced his wood shop

teacher to let him make

a boat - New Zealand.


Veikko Oeser built the boat

as a gift for one of his best

friends - Germany.


Rafael Delazzeri of Brazil

has also finished his pram.


Another boat is launched

in Australia by Logan Stuart.


Wiesław Zieleśkiewicz of

Poland rescaled his boat

to fit into a bit larger existing

sail, and added a thwart.