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3.8m dinghy

Boat for a father-and-son crew, or even for single-hand sailing. The small jib is not a problem when

you are the only one onboard, whereas your kid has own ropes to adjust.


LOA   3.80 m

Beam   1.60 m

Draft   0.125 m

Draft (db down)   0.78 m

Hull weight   80 kg

Sail area (main and jib)   9.0 sq m

Spinnaker area   9.0 sq m

Building plans

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Kirill Semenyak writes to me that

he is sailing on Lake Ladoga

(Russia), and he had a great time

building his boat before.


Pierandrea from Italy took the first

steps toward building his boat.


Ivan Popov (Russia) started from

the simple paddle version to get

skills in boat building.


Alexander Stolyarov of Ukraine

needed one year to build

his dinghy.


Cristian Salinas (Argentina)

equipped his boat with the gaff

rig that is his favourite.


Joanna Peiffer (Germany): it is a

tradition in Steiner Schools to do

a big project which lasts the whole

year, and I would love to made

the sailing dinghy!


Pablo Castejón's boat - Argentina.


Hot coloured and named boat

of Luiz Oliveira from Brazil.


The dinghy that I spotted on a

Russian-language forum. There

is also another boat in progress.


Lucas Malinverni de Melo named

NEW his new dinghy - Brazil.


The boat just launched by

Paweł Wewiór - Poland.


Karl Parsons: two of my fellow

students and I built the dinghy

while in college. As we were going

to school, we looked for ways to

save money, so the sail is made

from house wrap - Arizona, USA.


Vitalik, who had built the 2.6m

pram before, has now finished

the next boat.


Mario Giacummo of Uruguay

is the first who has launched

the dinghy. He sent me some

photographs of his fine boat.


The next boat is also under

construction in South America

by Argentine Luis C. Porati.

The first layer of paint applied.


Lewie Aguilar decided to make

the dinghy so he could learn

more and teach friends on how

to sail - Philippines.


The boat being built by

Mariano and Davide in Italy.


Stefan Gerzner of Switzerland

thought out and built a boat that

is an interesting mixture of

the 3.8m and 4.5m dinghies.