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4.5m dinghy

Simply the two-person sailing boat - fast, efficient upwind, easily planing. However, you do not need

racing skills or special fitness to sail her away.


LOA   4.50 m

Beam   1.80 m

Draft   0.15 m

Draft (cb down)   0.93 m

Hull weight   100 kg

Sail area (main and jib)   12.0 sq m

Spinnaker area   12.0 sq m

Building plans




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Doğay Ali Yılmaz invites to

Instagram to take a look at his

building project.


Leandro Silva of Brazil used

the COVID-19 quarantine time

to start building his dinghy.


Piotr Miłosz has the hull of his

boat almost ready in two months

- Poland.


Launching day - Jordi Esteve has

built the older flat-bottom version

of the boat (Spain).


Ruslan Gichka has posted

his website, where explains details

related to his boat building work.


Although his boat is very changed,

the builder (Andrei Karpukhin,

Russia) assures me that she is still

the 4.5m dinghy.


A photo sent me from Russia.


Gerardo Alonso's boat under



Liam A Morgan: last Sunday was

the first time our boat sailed under

her own power.


It was an unusual experience to

lift the new dinghy down from the

second floor - Nikolay Travnikov,



Simeon Stoilov's boat just after

spray varnishing the deck.


Tomasz Kozłowski started up

from the centreboard and rudder,

and completing the rig. Now the

work on his boat is well advanced

- Poland.


In the picture the bow of the

boat is pointing to the Irish Sea

which is 2 km away - Mike Bolton,

North Wales, UK.


The boat in competition with

a Pirate-class dinghy - György

Sáfrán, Hungary.


The boat being built by Santa

Cruz Alejandro Dario in Buenos

Aires, Argentina.


Gonzalo Olivera of Argentina

is quite advanced in building

his boat.


Martin Allietti hopes to finish

his dinghy before summer time.


Brent Schutz spent a great deal

of time browsing for a boat to suit

his needs - Minneapolis, USA.


Paolo Pallotta of Italy has

his dream come true...


Simon Miles is currently building

the sailboat in Seattle, USA.


The following boat has been built

in South America by the three

friends: Richard, Alvaro, and



The dinghy I had designed and

built before the 4.5m was four

meters long and more racing.

One of them was built perfectly

by Michał Mróz in Poland, and

another one by Čedo Perić in