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Even for sailors who are looking

for an alternative outdoor activity

on windless days.


LOA   3.60 m or 4.60 m

Beam   0.80 m or 0.85 m

Depth   0.325 m

Weight   20 kg or 30 kg

Building plans (solo)

Building plans


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I got a message from Viktor

who built the solo canoe for trips

on the nearby small river and for



Martin Jaffe (Connecticut, USA)

sent me a comprehensive

overview of the details of how

he built the canoe.


Bartłomiej Czech treated the

construction of this canoe as a

preparation before making his

own design - Poland.


Jacek Rybiński turned to me for

advice on finishing and painting

his canoe (Poland).


Mateusz Dudek and his son took

five hundred kilometers of river

trip shortly after building (with the

help of grandfather) their canoe

- Poland.


Ivan Popov has already built the

3.8m dinghy. Now, his new canoe

is waiting for a real test during the

first long trip with friends.


Maksim Talli wanted to make two

canoes so that his family could go

on trips along the river.


Fabio Gionco, who has built a few

boats and the canoe, would like to

lead a course encouraging others

to start their own.


The first picture after publishing

plans of the canoes I received

from Luiz Varga Neto (Brazil).