Pleased to send you some photos of my successful launching of the dayboat "KitCat". Have been on the water three times now, my first launch was on a lake and later I have been trying some nearby bays and river locations. Have sailed solo and also with four aboard. Goes nicely each way. I must put a tiller extension on, and tidy up my tack and halliard tie-downs for a little more efficiency. I have used some standard blocks, saddles and other bits that I have had for a long time. It saved making components and considerable time. I tie the mast down to the large saddle on the mast step but this does allow the mast to rotate about twenty degrees either way according to tack. Not sure if this adversely affects my trim or not. Have also experimented with belaying the clew via mainsheet to my port or starboard cleats at the stern, again not sure if this effects performance. It does assist keeping the sail outboard rather than set across amidships. My theory is that the sail and yard are mostly independent of the mast and some rotation of the mast does not really have any undue effect. My next step is to pick up a second hand outboard if possible for fishing trips. About 3.5 hp as we do not have to register under 4 hp in Tasmania.

                                                                                                                      Kind regards, Kim