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4.0m dayboat

Classic styled sailing boat with an optional outboard engine or oars. The loose-footed standing lug

is simple and quick to rig - short spars, no wires, no shackles, minimal other stuff.


LOA   4.00 m

Beam   1.70 m

Draft   0.125 m

Draft (db down)   0.77 m

Hull weight   90 kg

Sail area   8.0 sq m

Outboard motor   2-4 hp

Building plans (mast step)

Building plans (tabernacle)




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The dayboat built by Sertan

Algüney as his second, more

advanced project (Turkey).


Tanel Laan: I forget myself until

two or three at night fitting some

beam or board with nightingales

singing in the background



Niklas Hochstein sent me the

mysterious picture taken at the

Otterstädter Altrhein, Germany.


I received this message from the

north from Igor Loginov. During

the season Paltus (Halibut fish)

visited the White and Barents

Seas as well as the Ladoga and

Onega lakes.


Peter Oberleitner (Austria) built

his dayboat a few years ago.

Now he is considering a small

outboard as an additional



Alan Brown (UK): in these days of

plastic and fibreglass boats such

designs are very refreshing, and

I am sure will give much pleasure

to their owners and builders.


Yuriy Poplevko (Belarus) used

an outboard this year. For the next

year, he will put the boat under



José Soares, Portugal: all my life

I was an aircraft engineer working

with big planes. Now I am retired,

and it is time to learn new things.


Michail wants to add a keel down

the bottom of his boat to increase

the directional stability under

outboard motor (Russia).


Before the dayboat, András Fűz

demonstrated his skills in building

a canoe - Hungary.


Turn-over day - Fabio Gionco,

Brazil. Fabio hesitated long time

which boat to choose. He even

started with a scale model of

the skiff.


Andrew Allen: we had no indoor

space so the entire thing was built

outside in my driveway.


Chris Davis has started going

to the local sailing club, and is

excited at the possibility of

building a boat - Florida, USA.


North Carolina, USA:

the dayboat with some changes

to sloop-rig it.


Roman Hladný sails and motors

down the river Danube - Slovakia.


Martin Normantas, Argentina:

at this moment I'm using my boat

to fish, but I'm eager to try sailing.


Sweden: Mats Larsson

built the boat for day trips

with a picnic basket.


J. Gilmore has had a great time

building his boat even though

it was a challenge in a small

garage - Hawaii, USA.


Roman Yakimkin caught a

beautiful wooden yacht's photo,

and craved to build a boat -

Russian Federation.


It's exhilarating to be able

to move using only the wind's

formidable power - Tad Scheeler,

Michigan, USA. You can see

the launching day.


Occupational therapist Rafał

Ciesielski leads the boat

building project at a centre for

disabled youth - Poland.


Andrew Hobbs has spent

the last few months building

his boat - United Kingdom.


Kim Pohlner had been working

odd days and hours, in no

hurry - Tasmania, Australia.


Yvo Schotman constructed

the dayboat in aluminium to

test his new welding machine -

Netherlands. Yvo's dad uses

the boat by the holiday house.


Pasquale of Italy built

the sloop version of the



Alan Edwards has chosen

the dayboat as his first

boat building project -

United Kingdom.


Tomasz Kaźmierczak's boat

being launched on a lake in



Pat Dunne is going to use

his boat for rowing mostly,

but also with an outboard

motor - Ireland.