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4.2m skiff

Rowing boat with an additional sail to take

your leisure time in light breeze.


LOA   4.20 m

Beam   1.40 m

Draft   0.125 m

Draft (db down)   0.66 m

Hull weight   70 kg

Sail area (lug)   6.5 sq m

Sail area (sprit)   6.5 sq m

Building plans




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Tomasz Klepacki's boat has

increased mainsail area with

a jib added (Poland).


The daggerboard case is about

to be ready for installation to

the bottom - Genady Khokhlov,



Benno Stander, South Africa:

I bought my wood today, so I can

start working on my boat.


Sorin Radu has almost finished

his boat building project -



Rowing-only version of the

skiff completed successfully

in Ireland.


Fabio Gionco of Brazil got started

in boats with a scale model.


Respected boat reviewer

Robert Hoffman suggests

a yawl rig for the skiff.